10 Lucrative Digital Skill You Can Learn And Start Up With Your Mobile Phone

10 Lucrative Digital Skill You Can Learn And Start Up With Your Mobile Phone

June 26, 2022 0 By admin

This article would be centered on 10 Digital Skill, You Can Learn With Your Mobile Phone.


But before we begin, let us take a look on what the word “Digital Skill” implies and what its talking about.


A good number of people have defined Digital Skill in different ways which they understand what it means.

And here we would be giving various definitions of the term Digital Skill, so at to give u better understanding of what it means.

Digital Skills means creating of high marketable content on the internet with the use of information technology.

It can be classified a skill where you need digital device like your mobile phone or computer to acquire its knowledge.

Where the use of these devices are in need, in other to manage and access information available on the internet.

You can also see it as a work place for the modern world, which helps a lot of people advance their career digitally.

And to stop relying on the old ways of doing their jobs.

From a marketers point of view,

Digital Skill are those essential skills which helps in marketing a business or product all over the internet.


I use to think before you acquire a digital skill, you will need a gigantic computer which you will be using for learning and also to practice what u learnt.

Well that was before i got enlightened and started my first website back in the year 2017.

I know some of you are like me, who have this still that you can’t learn a digital skill with only your mobile phone.

Well its your time to get enlighten today and know that your mobile phone has the power to change your financial status.

Just with the little knowledge you will get, from a Digital Skill. 

Which you will learn and perfect in, with just the use of your mobile phone.

Here are the 10 Digital Skill, You Can Learn With Your Mobile Phone;


Graphic designing is becoming a new money making machine of the 21st century and this is because.

Every company or individual will at a time need the services of a graphic designer.

This is a skill needed in every single industry both in and off the internet space.

I know right now you are saying to your self, you don’t have a computer where you will use coral draw or Adobe to learn the skill.

That shouldn’t be a problem, because the world is revolving and with just your mobile phone you can learn and perfect in the skill of Graphic Designing.

Website like Canva has made it reliably easy for people to learn and perfect in the skill of graphic designing with just their mobile phone.


Electronic Mail was created by Ray Tomlinson in the year 1971. And over the years the users of this platform has sky rocketed.

And does not look like its stopping any time soon.

This software was created to be used to send messages from one computer directly to another computer.

In very little estimated time, the use of Email has become has become part of our daily lives and businesses.

Now its from this that this Digital Skill Email Marketing came from.

This is simply sending out messages in bulk to the different mails of individuals, with the sole aim of marketing or advertising a product to them.

This is done by most brand or company in other get new customers or to build loyalty and trust, among their customers.

And this alone has made this skill a sort after skill and good number of big companies are in search of individual.

Who have the skill set of Email Marketing which will be used to market goods or services to a more customers.

And just like every other skill on this list, you can learn it with only your mobile phone.


I am sure if you have been active in the the internet for some time now, you must have been hearing about the word Affiliate Marketing.

And you will be thinking to yourself, what is this Affiliate Marketing that everyone is talking.

Well Affiliate Marketing is a special type of marketing.

Where you get rewarded with a little percentage of a companies product sold to a customer.

Its just like you an online retailer to a digital market product.

You bring a customer who is need of a product to a website where he buys the product.

That website will now pay a certain percentage from that product sold.

This skill has generated a lot of money for a lot of people.

And you only need your mobile phone to learn this digital skill and start making money with it.


Social Media Marketing is when you use various social media platforms to market a goods or services.

With billions of users on various social media platforms, some company have seized the opportunity.

Of using this platform to market their products and also get new customers.

And this has risen the value of social media marketer in the internet space.

As most companies what to get the services of those with the digital skill of social marketing.

This digital skill is one of the easiest skill to learn on the internet.

With just your mobile phone you can learn this skill and become a pro in social media marketing.


With the increase of social media influencer, musician, comedians and content creators.

The need of people who have the skill in video editing has also been on the rise.

Gone are the days where you will need a computer to do your video editing.

With just knowledge on the skill, your mobile phone and the right video editing application.

One can get a video properly edited.

This is one of the highest paying digital skill and all you just need is your mobile phone and the right application.


Photography has always been a sort after skill, even right before the advance of the internet.

Even though a good number of people feel the skill is no more lucrative.

This is because people have resulted to taking pictures with their mobile phones

With most of the mobile phones coming with 4K resolution cameras.

I guess you won’t blame them for doing so.

While some of people are complaining that the skill, is no more lucrative as it use to be.

There are other people who are making millions through this photography digital skill.

And this is because they have found a way of selling some of the pictures they take on the internet, in a place they call NFT.

On that digital space people make millions from selling pictures.

All you need is to equip your self, with a good phone with good camera quality, the you learn the skill of photography.

So as to start making money by selling your pictures online.


Copy Writing is a digital skill where by, you write down words.

That used the purpose of marketing or advertising a particular product or services.

This word are been drafted down so to help create more visibility for a product or service.

It also used in other to persuade a customer to buy a particular goods and service

Stating why a customer should get a particular goods and services.

This is a Digital Skill that is largely needed in the marketing and advertising department of so many firms and industry across the globe.

This skills only deals with the ability of being able to write, so you just need your phone to do the work for you.


This is the Digital Skill with has the most millionaires, it deals with selling and buying of digital currency on the internet.

Though this skill require a lot of finance and knowledge about it, before venturing into it.

Because the risk management is very low and just as it can make one millions of dollars

It can do the opposite to your money.

I advice anyone who intends going into the crypto currency world.

Should ensure they have the required knowledge and information on what they are going into.

For better more insight in the crypto currency industry, follow some of the crypto influencer mentioned here.

One good thing about this digital skill is, exactly like other skill mentioned here you don’t need a computer to learn it.

All you need is just your mobile phone and money, and with a short period of time coupled with the required knowledge, you will start making money from the Digital Skill.


I personally feel Blogging is one of the most underrated Digital Skill among the list.

And this is because a lot of internet users, are yet to know the amount of money one can be make in the industry.

Only people like me, who are in the industry can testify to that.

Blogging consist of writing valid information on the world wide web, using a particular website as a medium for transmitting the information.

For you to learn this Digital Skill all you need is a mobile phone.

You can create you own website for free on various platforms like WordPress, Wix, Blogger, & a few other.

Ones you have the burning desire of being successful in the industry, and the willing to learn.

You will definitely make it in the industry.


The Digital Skill Vlogging is like the brother to Blogging, the only difference between the two is that.

Vlogging does with video while blogging the other does with mainly text.

The Vlogging, is a Digital Skill which deals with the uploading of entertainment, informational or educational videos on popular platforms like YouTube.