Thinking Of Going Crypto? Here Is The List Of 10 Highly Rated Crypto Influencers In The World

Thinking Of Going Crypto? Here Is The List Of 10 Highly Rated Crypto Influencers In The World

June 26, 2022 0 By admin


Before we go into the 10 Highly Rated Crypto Influencers In The World, let take a little on crypto currency.


Crypto currency has been available since the year 2009 and as each year goes bye, is going beyond just a word too people’s livelihood.

A good number of people, have the knowledge that crypto currency began in the year 2009/2010 during the era of Bitcoin Pizza Day.

But that is actually far from the truth, the because crypto currency has been in existence from the late 1980s & early 1990s.

The set of individuals who first brought the idea of creating currency.

Where in search of something different, a currency that won’t be able to be traced by financial bodies like Banks.

David Chaum was the first man who created what well call cryptographic electronic money.

That was in the year 1995 and David Chaum named it Digicash.

It was first ever electronic crypto payment machine.

The user software where used or needed to withdraw money from a bank.

And specific encrypted keys where needed, to enable the money being sent to the recipient without being traced.

The in the year 1998 a man by name Nick Szabo came up with something called Bit Gold.

Which had something really similar to bitcoin.

It was used in solving cryptographic puzzle, and when some one solves the puzzle.

He or she would get a reward, for the getting the puzzle correctly.

These are actually the bed rock, in which crypto currency was built on.



Now fast track to 2009 when the first ever crypto currency was created and called Bitcoin.

And today Bitcoin is largely identified as the mother of crypto currency.

This is because it gave birth, to other crypto currency.

Which are about 10,000 in the number. And are valued over 1 trillion dollars if put together.

With the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Binance Coin, and Dogecoin having the highest capitalisation price.

The vast popularity has given to the rise so many individuals, who are highly knowledgeable and experience when it comes to crypto currency trading.

This individuals are known, for giving out insight in the crypto currency world.

If you are one of those, who don’t know much about crypto.

Its advisable you follow and they learn from this big guns in the crypto world.

Now down to what this article is all about, we would be showing you 10 crypto influencer.

Who do not only give crypto currency insight, but also in one way or the other, to an extent they affect the prices.


Ivan Liljeqvist is a developer, youtuber who is from Sweden but resides with his family in Stockholm.

Most of his youtube videos are centered about education on block chain and creating of blockchain.

His videos also centers around crypto related interview, live sessions, analysis and so many more.

His YouTube channel has over 250,000 subscribers and over 40 million views, in the space of two years.

He also has an education platform names Ivan Tech Academy, with over 20,000 students they centered around teaching people on creating and developing blockchain.

With over 300,000 thousands followers on twitter a place where he shares most of his update and insights on crypto currency most especially Bitcoin & Ethereum.

TWITTER: @ivanontech


Coming at the number 9 position on 10 Highly rated crypto Influencers In The World is Russia American speaker, Ton Vays.

The crypto analyst is from a soviet union, but lives in New York, United State Of America.

Before he became personality in the block chain industry.

Ton Vays worked in the financial market, where he also worked as an analyst for Bear Stern and JP Morgans.

Coupled with this, he is also the Vice President at MSCI Inc

And also works as an operating and a senior financial analyst for a company called Axoim.

Right from 2014 year, Ton Vay has always been a consultant who works on him own.

Right now he has a large contribution to crypto currency world, he also has a podcast he does regularly talking about crypto scam.

He is often invited to various countries, for lectures, talks and seminars about the crypto currency industry and blockchain development.

With help of his various social media platforms, he uses that to reach more heterogenous audience.

Uploading video where talks and gives analysis about bitcoin trading and bitcoin news.

With over 300,000 followers on his Twitter page Ton Vays is definitely one of the biggest crypto influencer in the world.

INSTAGRAM: @tonvays

TWITTER: @tonvays


Dan held stands in the position of top 10 Highly rated Crypto influencers In The World.

He was born in Texas America, but currently stays with his family at San Francisco.

He is an entrepreneur who is well known for his expertise in creating and development of business.

Not on in the block chain industry, but also in other industries he has worked for.

He is one of biggest Influencers of the crypto world and gained momentum when he always insisted on being payed with crypto.

Rather than regular cash like his other colleagues.

Currently Director of Growth Management at Kraken, he also played a vital role towards the success and growth of

He is the founder of portfolio reconciliation tools for traders.

Which Kraken acquired in the year 2019.

He has also woked for Uber Rider Growth/global data.

Dan Held also has an input on crypto products like ChangeTip which is currently owned by AirBnB and ZeroBlocks which Blockchain acquired some years back.

On his Twitter page, he talks about crypto and block chain development coupled with how to make crypto more accessible to an average man.

He his also a writer on medium, where he occasionally talks abou bitcoin analysis, news and kraken.

TWITTER: @danheld


The number 7 spot of 10 Highly Rated Crypto Influencers In The World is occupied by America crypto analyst and founder of Shapeshift Erik Tristan Voorhees.

Erik Tristan Voorhees is the co founder and CEO of crypto company and wallet Coinapault.

Earlier in his career, he use to be the Director of Marketing at Bitinstant.

And he is part of the owners of the first bitcoin gambling website which is Satoshi Dice.

The company Satoshi Dice was sold in 2013, after being a huge success.

Coupled with being the owner of altcoin exchange Shapeshift.

Erik is also the CEO of Instant Bitcoin, a platform where one can sell and buy crypto.

The crypto activist has been among the creator and fonder of most successful crypto currency company.

With the knowledge and experience he has in creating most crypto applications.

He was called up to be among the team who developed the application called kriptokit.

Erik Voorhees has achieved a lot in the crypto world, making him one of the leading names in crypto industries.

With over 600,000 followers on twitter he uses the the social media platform to lecture his followers on information about the crypto world.

He also an active writer on platform medium, where he shares most of his articles about Bitcoin and Shapeshift.

TWITTER: @erikvoorhees


One of the most followed crypto analyst on social media Anthony Pompliano comes on the number 6 position.

As one of top 10 Highly Rated Crypto Influencers In The World.

Anthony Pompliano was born 15th June 1988 in the USA.

And before he went into being a crypto personality, he has served in the USA army.

An entrepreneur and investors that has worked in the biggest tech companies like Facebook & Snapchat.

In his early days of being a capitalist he founded the company Morgan Creek Digital Asset.

Right from the early days of crypto Anthony had always been in full support, of the industry.

He a co founder at a hedge fund company, which is all about blockchain technology and selling of digital assets.

Coupled with all this, he has his youtube channel named Anthony Pompliano, which is where he uploads videos of him

Dishing out vital information about bitcoin and also has crypto discussions podcasts.

His videos does not only revolve on bitcoin, but cuts across other businesses/industries like tech and finance.

With  over 1 million followers on his Twitter page, where he gives his personal analysis on the crypto currency market.

On substack newsletter he shares daily insight on the crypto market and various other industries.

TWITTER: @anothonypompliano


Entering the top 5 of 10 Highly Rated Crypto Influencers In The World. is Timothy Cook Draper who a lot of people know as Tim Draper.

He was born 11 June, 1958 in California USA.

Tim Draper is well known for his ability to invest his money into so many industries.

And his first investment being his company, Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

He also has University named after his named, coupled with other company he founded which includes;

Draper Association, Draper Goren Horm & Draper Venture Network.

He also has his money invested into top tech companies like Baidu, Twitter, Hotmail, Solarcity, Skype, Tesla, Coinbase and a host of others.

He invests his money in any where he sees opportunities, and with the huge opportunity found in crypto currency.

Being a wise and well financed investor, he invested largely into the currency.

Draper is very good at forecasting and influencing bitcoin price.

And right from the early days of Bitcoin, he has largely been in support of the currency.

He has over 250,000 people who follow him on twitter.

Where he shares most of his insight crypto currency and other upcoming digital currency.

TWITTER: @timdraper


Ivory coast born Computer scientist comes 4th on the top 10 list of most highly rated crypto influencers.

Charlie lee is the founder and the managing director of popular crypto currency Litecoin.

Before finding Litecoin Charlie Lee use to be the former Director of Engineering at coinbase.

That’s way back in the year 2013.

Now he is the CEO of Litecoin with over a million followers on his Twitter account.

Which makes him one of the most followed crypto personality on Twitter.

Where he uses a medium to shares news concerning litecoin and the crypto currency industry.

Charlie Lee is also good with sharing of memes, which is mostly use to give better explanation to crypto.

And by doing this, he adds lots of humor to the news and information.

Charlie Lee is one of the bord of directors at BTSC Inc.

TWITTER: @SatoshiLite

03. ANDREAS M. Antonio Populous


Andreas M. Antonopoulos is the man who comes 3rd as top most highly rated crypto influencer in the world.

He is a British-Greek Tech entrepreneur, author and an advocate for the crypto currency education.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos was born in the year 1972 in London.

He is a host on the Speaking Of Bitcoin podcast, which used to be called “Let’s Talk Bitcoin“.

The tech entrepreneurs is also a lecturer at the University of Nicosia.

Where he lectures on digital currencies with Bitcoin being the case of study.

Aside being a tech entrepreneur, he also advocates for digital currency.

With his talk mainly laying emphasis on Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is an author of many books.

Which helps in the explanation of the bitcoin and Blockchain industry to a beginner.

Some of his best selling books, include;

Unlocking Digital Currency, The Internet If Money, Mastering Ethereum, Mastering Bitcoin and a host of others.

He has over 800,000 active followers on his Twitter page where gives out information and insight about crypto.

Along side his twitter page, Andreas M. Antonopoulos has a YouTube channel with the name aatonop.

Which is a popular crypto YouTube channel, where uploads video talking about crypto and bitcoin and other industries.

The videos shared on the channel give in depth knowledge and information about the digital currency industry.

With aim of making it easy for beginners who want to join the industry.

Giving them more understanding about the industry and help them avoid making avoidable mistake in their crypto currency journey.

He also has a website which helps in grooming beginners in crypto industry, also provides for them recourses that make their learning process easy.

TWITTER: @aantop


born 27 January 1979, Roger Keith Ver comes second as crypto highly rated influential person in the world.

Popularly know as “Bitcoin Jesus“, Roger Keith Ver is among early investors and promoters of Bitcoin, which is back in the year 2009.

When crypto company like Bitcoin, Ripple, Kraken where all still starting up.

The “Bitcoin JesusRoger Keith Ver was one of their first investors.

As he saw there was potential in the crypto currency industry and it was on its to becoming something really big.

In the early stage of blockchain technology, he invested large sum of his money into the industry.

Roger Keith Ver is also one of the first people, who started accepting crypto currency as a means of payment in his platform.

He has over 750,000 followers on his twitter page  where he gives latest crypto information and latest new in the industry.

He also talks about issues surrounding Bitcoin cash and the solution to solving those ethical issues.

Right now his sole aim is to help in the promotion of digital currency.

Creating awareness so for giving out crypto information to more people.

TWITTER: @rogerver


Vitaly Dmitriyevich “Vitalik” Buterin born 31 January 1994 is number one our list of  top crypto influencer in the world.

Vitalik Buterin is a Canadian programmer and writer, who is also the co-founder of Ethereum.

He founded the crypto currency along side, Gavin Wood, Charles Hoskinson, Anthony Di Iorio and Joseph Lubin.

He has actively been in the crypto currency industry, even before he created the crypto currency Ethereum.

Vitalik Buterin has been in the crypto currency industry, right from its inception in the year 2009.

It was during that period he co founded Bitcoin Magazine.

Which is a website that provides latest information and commentaries about bitcoin and crypto currency.

Vitalik Buterin is one of the most followed crypto personality on social media.

Just in his Twitter page he have more than 3 million people who are actively following him, on the page.

Where he shares mostly insight on crypto, blockchain and also gives prediction forecast of currency prices.

Articles, reviews other valuable recourses on crypto are also usually on his page.

With the sole aim of helping individuals who want gain better knowledge and understanding on how crypto industry works.

TWITTER: @vitalikbuterin